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sales Nov 23, 2020


You're about to learn a proven system for selling your flagship digital course.  If you've done your beta test then you are already a step ahead of 98% of new entrepreneurs out there...  but when you combine a beta test with a product launch your success has the potential to... shock you.

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My First Product Launch 

My first Product Launch was for a $9.97 e-Book about using Windows 10.  I didn't really know what I was doing (or why I was doing it) but I just followed the steps I'm about to share below and waited to see what would happen.

It turned out almost no one purchased the product the first day my cart was open.  In fact, no one brought a single e-Book for the first 3 days of my launch week.  Yeah, I was discouraged and even wondering why I wasted so much time not only building an e-Book but pouring myself into a complicated launch that didn't even work.

But I kept following the process; I stuck to the process and you know what happened?

The night before my cart was scheduled to close people started to buy my little book.  This continued and eventually surged with a huge influx of payments leading up to the final hour my cart was open!

I made $987.03 for a eBook that was less than $10 bucks! I could not believe it.  I think I cried because it proved I could earn real money building and selling something people loved.

Now I'm not promising you'll have the same results I did but I am saying if you stick to the process I'm about to share below you are setting yourself up for real success.

Are you ready to learn about Product Launches? I'm ready to share!  Let's go!

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How To Launch Your Flagship Product 

To run a flagship product launch you need to have four magic items in place: 

  • Subscribers 
  • Stories 
  • Steps 
  • Subliminals 

1: Subscribers

We talked about how to build your email list back in the lesson on “How To Build Your Email List”.  So we won’t dive in to details here and I’ll just assume you have about 100 responsive people on your list at the time you are ready to launch. 

You will need some subscribers before you can launch but you don’t need a lot. 

The idea of the Product Launch is to take your marketing and transform it into an epic story arc that you share over multiple steps spanning multiple days.  Along the way, your message gets a heavy sprinkling of subliminal techniques which influences people to buy.  And what happens is as people listen to your story and start to trust you through the multi-day, multi-step journey, they will start talking about their needs and you’ll get the exact sales copy you need to sell your product because it will be based off real community feedback. (it's almost like a mini-beta test in disguise) 

And the great thing about this is as the buzz churns you’ll inevitably grow your email list as people organically share your launch event with friends, family and co-workers. 

The really awesome thing about Product Launches is you’ll end up learning exactly what your market wants and you’ll know the EXACT language to use in your sales videos and email copy.  It removes all the guess work and turns your launch into a scientific lever which produces results.  This "magic" copy will come from social media, survey forms, niche forums, your email responses and the comments at the bottom of your three step video series. 

The way this pans out is you'll basically run your email subscribers through a series of three short, value-rich videos over the span of one week then you accept orders for 7 days following before closing the cart.  

That’s it and it’s pretty awesome.  Let me explain why.  

2: The Power Of Story 

Story is the thing that under-girds your entire launch event so we need to zero in here first before we can dig into everything else.   

When you go through your launch, you want to have a universal story theme that connects all your videos and activities together.  This is your story arc. 

One theme that works really well is the Reluctant Hero.  For example, if you’ve noticed that people have been asking for the thing you want to sell (before you actually had something to sell) and you somewhat reluctantly built the product to satisfy the need then the Reluctant Hero is your theme and you should weave it through your launch timeline. 

Another good story theme is the Underdog theme.  If all the odds were stacked against you and you rose against the odds to vanquish your foes then this is one the one you want to wear through your multi-day launch event.   

The reason why you want to use stories is because people are super distracted today.  There are tons of notifications, alerts, buzzing, chiming, ringing and beeping sounds that steal peoples attention away from you. 

Stories drive focus.   

Stories also can make you more likeable.  Telling good stories is one of the best ways to garner trust, create engagement, show vulnerability and just show people that you’re a real person just like they are. 

Now I need to be honest with you because this isn't easy.  You’re going to need to be deliberate to find a way to weave short stories in your teaching.  But it is a skill that can be learned; you just need to consciously practice it.

Trust me, when you do this it will keep you from being boring and will really help you connect with your audience. 

3: Steps 

So let’s dig into the steps.   

Step #1 is to send an email to your list to generate some curiosity and anticipation (this is actually a clue into the subliminal techniques we’ll dig into in a moment).  The purpose of this first step is to warm your list up.  You basically send a short email a few days before Step #2  just let people know that something awesome is coming. 

Step #2 is when you send your subscribers through a series of three videos carefully crafted to solve immediate problems and deliver rapid results.  You’ll spread these videos out over the span of about a week. 

Step #3 is when you open the “virtual” doors of your business to sell your product.  You’ll shoot your list an email that the doors are open and will remain open for 7 days. 

Step #4: During the seven day period when New Kajabi is automatically processing sales for you, you are also nurturing the people on your email list.  You’re answering questions.  You’re delivering value that can solve their problems.  You’re answering objections.  Heck, during this time you might even get on a call or Skype video or Facebook Live video to interact with the people on your email list.

Step #5 is when you actually close down your launch.  There needs to be a definite end to your launch so you can maximize scarcity (another subliminal technique) and increase the amount of sign-ups leading up to the cart close.  You can either:

  • Take away bonuses
  • Drive the price up
  • Temporarily close down the offer
  • Permanently close down the offer

And then, after you complete your launch you can relaunch a NEW related product based on all the feedback you gathered from your first launch.  Then you just go back through all five steps again and repeat.

This is how you can build a real online business that drives maximum impact and delivers awesome results. 

Magic Step #2 

I want to dig into Step #2 in greater detail because if you get this right everything else will fall into place even if you mess up the other steps. 

The goal of Step #2 is to deliver massive value by building a relationship with your email list before you ask for the sale.  Instead of saying, “buy my stuff now!” you build trust by giving, giving and giving some more.  And the key is you give in a way that really gets your audience real results.  This means you want to give away your best stuff for FREE. 

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Yes. I said it.

Give away your best stuff for FREE.

I know this will feel scary at first.  “What if people just take the free stuff and run?”  

True, that could happen but what I most often discover is that people are often more than willing to reciprocate when you’ve helped them get meaningful results for free. 

Yes, some people will steal it and run but usually enough people will feel a deep sense of gratitude and will be more than happy to pay you for all the value you've produced in their lives.

So this is how it breaks down: 

Whatever you are selling needs to create a true change in your people's lives.  

So in the first video (of your three part series) you show them that they have a real opportunity to make their lives better.  You want to kick the video off with a compelling question that drives right into the center of their fears.  Then you want to agitate that problem.  You want to rub salt into the wound by amplifying it, even exaggerating it so they can really feel the pain of the issue. 

Then you solve the problem in Video #1 and hint at a new problem created as a result of the previous solution.  You need to make the problem feel real, it should be real, don’t make one up, it should be one you already know exists with your market but then your job is to underscore it, your job is to dimensionalize it so the solutions you provide becomes a huge relief. 

In the second video you make the transformation REAL for them by future pacing their benefit and getting them to believe THEY can make that change in their lives. 

You can use case studies and testimonials you gathered from your Beta Release.  You reiterate the problem from the first video, you agitate the new problem and then solve it before setting up the next problem which you’ll agitate in your last video.  

In the last video you give them the tactical feeling of actually owning your product.  You remind them of the second problem, you agitate it and then offer your flagship product as the solution in your sales video. 

The sales video is your last video and video #3 is your transition into your sales video. 

So the way you set this up is you let people know they can take all this info you shared and do it by themselves or they can buy the flagship product which can help them implement it faster with less errors and frustration.   

And now we have a perfect segway  into subliminal influencers. 

4: Subliminals

As you go through this Launch Process you'll end up becoming a celebrity in the eyes of your market and you’ll get fans.  And you'll end up building authority, because you'll be teaching and producing real results. And when you become an authority people will follow you.  Another thing that happens is you’ll end up accruing a reciprocity imbalance because you’ve given away so much stuff for free people will want to return the favor somehow. 

And speaking of influence here's a secret we all know but rarely realize...

Telling stories is actually the best way to subliminally influence people.  Why?  Because when people tell stories people listen.  It’s just human nature.  And when you tell personal stories, those are even better!  So start working on your ability to just tell personal stories that are related to your product in some way and you’ll win every time. 

The other nice thing about your launch is you’ll inadvertently, almost accidentally, have a community of people buzzing around your launch which and lead to social proof.  And when you team social proof with scarcity you almost force a decision and maximize your impact. 

If your product really produces real results, the community will become champions of your launch and they'll "advertise" it free by sharing it with others.  The entire event becomes a giant conversation that your potential customers are getting swept up into.  And when you throw in unexpected surprises or say something controversial or polarizing, you’ll create an even more rabid group of followers.  Yes, people will hate you for your bold comments and strong position on a topic but people will also love you like crazy.  It basically separates the lukewarm people out of your launch universe and keeps the people who like you loving you even more. 

You can even start up a competition in the comments to see who can share the video the fastest or who get results the fastest.  When you do stuff like this it just makes people rally around your cause more. 

>> Click here to get a FREE instant download of the PDF version of this post... I'll throw in my audio narration as a free bonus.

The last thing is whenever you mention numbers during your launch, try to use specific, odd numbers.  What I mean is instead of saying you’ll get results in less than 30 days or your money back say you’ll get results in less than 31 days or your money back.  Or instead of selling the product for $500 sell it for $497.   

These are the subliminal influencers that by themselves might not be that powerful but when they are all marshaled together during your launch you will set yourself up for great success. 

Quick Action Result 

So how do you set this entire thing up? 

Just sign into New Kajabi, type "product launch" in the search bar at the top of the Kajabi Dashboard and hit enter.

I'm assuming you've already registered (if not I'm not sure what you're waiting for. If you're on the fence join me email list so we can talk about what's holding you back or jump into my 28 day challenge to get one-on-one time with me)

When you do this, you'll jump into a pre-configured pipeline for driving product launches.  All you need to do is click a button to create one then you just go in and swap out the dummy content with your custom content.

Yeah, it's that easy.

So for your quick action result today I want you to sign-up for your FREE New Kajabi trial, login and create your first Product Launch pipeline. 

Now to be honest, creating the entire product launch pipeline will most likely take about a month to dial everything in but the key is not to rush anything. 

Take everything one step at a time.  Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.  Don’t be afraid of taking risks... the worst that will happen is you’ll just get more feedback. Remember, there is no such thing as failure... only feedback. 

In our next lesson we’re going to talk about automating your business so you can free up your time.  It’s the last part of this online business puzzle and it’s super easy to do.

See you in a bit!


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