Money Mindset Basics

mindset strategy Jun 01, 2020


In the previous section we set the stage for building your online business.  Now we’re going to dig into three money mindset tactics that every entrepreneur (or would be entrepreneur) needs to adopt.  

It took me years to grasp these ideas. 

I think it all began when I took a risk and purchased The Millionaire Fastlane by M.J. Demarco.  My initial hesitation to buy the book was simple: I judged the book by the cover. 

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The cover flaunted a gaudy picture of a Lamborghini; hundred dollar bills were everywhere and a bunch of other spammy, get-rich-quick-looking-stuff was on the cover. All this stuff made me feel guilty and slimy inside. 

Heck, even as I write this now, I’m beginning to experience anew those uncomfortable feelings of deceit, worldliness...

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