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advanced Nov 30, 2020


When it comes to running your online business there are a lot of little things that need to happen in the right sequence at the right time.  A lot of this is a manual process which requires you to click, drag, drop, type and edit a bunch of little things. 

All these shiny knobs take time to turn and configure!  And time is your most precious asset.  We can’t afford to waste a minute of it as an entrepreneur because every minute lost is a minute lost with your family, a minute lost with your wife, a minute lost with your goals and aspirations. 

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So automatons are awesome because you set it up one time and then you can step out of your business to focus on other things like advertising, product development or even just spending more time with your kids. 

There are a ton of online platforms that have automations.  

ActiveCampaign actually has the most comprehensive automation features but it is also the most complicated to learn.  Ontraport is a close second in terms of the steep learning curve.  Aweber recently added automations to their platform but you don't get all the other good stuff related to building webinar pipelines.  For this reason (and several others which I listed here) I've decided to show you how to build automations in New Kajabi Automations really are easy in Kajabi and the best part is you don’t need to duck tape a bunch of disparate items together to build your business machine. 

A Simple Automation Example 

So let’s talk about a common use case for automations. 

Back in the lesson on building your lead magnet we talked about driving prospects to your welcome mat, presenting them with a lead magnet and then sending them an email when the subscribe.  Your autoresponder email sequence is the thing that dripped weekly emails to your list so you can build trust and eventually set the stage for selling a premium priced ticket item. 

You might be wondering: “That’s cool Vonnie, but what are the nuts and bolts tactics for actually implementing this strategy?” 

Glad you asked!  

I’m going to ask you to follow along inside your New Kajabi dashboard.  In fact, you’ll need New Kajabi up for all the exercises in this lesson as we’ll be building real automations together so you can see the power they can bring to your online business. 

We’re going to create a pipeline to automatically deliver your lead magnet after someone opts-in to join your email list.  The goal of this automation will be to send leads the promised lead magnet but also, more importantly, subscribe them to a nurture email sequence where you’ll use a series of pre-written emails to build a relationship and warm them up for a sale. 

Now it’s really important that your leads actually open their emails and consume your freebie because it delivers value they can use to get immediate results right?  So what do you do if they forget to check their inbox?  Or what happens if they just don’t open the message?  Obviously, your leads wanted it because they signed up so it makes sense to send a series of reminder emails to nudge them into opening what they requested. 

But this presents a problem: how can you setup a system where if they forget to open the first email that contains your lead magnet it will automatically send them two other emails (two days down the line) gently reminding them of this awesome thing you promised them?  I mean people are busy – and believe it or not, your website is not the most important thing on their list of concerns for the day.

You need to come up with a way to automatically send them reminders without actually logging into Kajabi, searching for these people and pushing the send button every time. 

With pipelines we can do this. 

Log into the Kajabi Dashboard and type “pipelines” in the search box at the top of the screen.  Click “New Pipelines” and choose “Freebie”.  Now choose “Create Pipeline” and let Kajabi create your email sequence. 

We’re going to create an automation that automatically unsubscribes your prospects. 

In the first email in your sequence, click “Add Action” and the New Automation window will pop up. 

Remember what we’re trying to do: we want this automation to get triggered when a link in an email in this email sequence is clicked by your subscriber.  So click “Email sequence email is clicked”. 

Then we pick “Unsubscribe from an email sequence” as the “THEN” action and select your current welcome email from the drop down list. 

Click “Save” and you’re done. 

Now if you add this simple automation to each of the emails in your sequence, you’ll automatically have a way of intelligently following up with new subs so you can direct them into your free content, get them results, build trust and then drive them deeper into your funnel. 

By the way, if you're having problems setting up your automation, join my email list and we can schedule a one-on-one Skype call where I can walk you through the entire process and show you how to set one up for your business.

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Stepping It Up A Notch 

So let’s step it up a notch. 

Let’s say you craft a winning webinar to your list. (Go back and see the lesson on creating winning webinars if you haven’t already). 

You drive traffic to your webinar registration page using Facebook Live video ads, a percentage of people hitting the paged sign up, a smaller percentage of visitors show up live three days later and two hours after your webinar finishes a bunch of people purchase your flagship product. 

That's great but what do we do with all the people who didn’t buy? 

In the past, when I was just learning about this stuff I would just ignore these people.  I used to think, “Hey man, if you don’t want my stuff then I don’t want you on my list!”.  But as I became more mature in thinking I realized this mentality was foolish.  I mean think about it:

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Just because someone doesn't buy from you doesn't mean they hate you... if they hated you they would have already unsubscribed.

There are tons of reasons why someone might not have purchased your product.  Maybe they were too busy; maybe they were out of town; maybe they were at a funeral?  Or maybe they were going through a divorce or the timing just wasn’t right.  Whatever it is, we need to get back in front of these people after your webinar ends and present a downsell. 

With automations you can present an offer that costs slightly less than your flagship product so it has less benefits and features but it might still be valuable to the people on your email list. 

So you can setup logic like this: 

  • If someone on your email list buys the flagship product offered on your webinar you can automatically unsubscribe them from one email sequence, your prospect sequence, and subscribe them to an entirely new list of emails in a new buyer’s sequence.  This means people who already buy won’t keep getting emails reminding them to buy and it means you’ll constantly be building a dynamic list of fresh buyers and collecting them in a new hot buyers list.  People who buy from you are multiple times more willing to buy from you again.  The logic is that these people are very likely to become repeat buyers so by automatically moving them from a prospect sequence to a buyer’s email sequence you can setup a sale for another product with higher expected conversions. 
  • If someone on your email list jumps into your webinar but doesn’t buy you can setup an automation that slaps a tag on their name and says something like, “Showed, No Buy” .  Then you can automatically subscribe them to a downsell sequence that puts them into a funnel of emails specifically designed to warm them up to another lower priced offer that might be more aligned with their wants and buying ability.  This provides an automatic method of picking up extra revenue from people who didn't hop on your first offer but still know, like and trust you. 

Now if all this sounds complicated – it actually isn’t. 

I don’t mean to slam ActiveCampaign but I used to use those guys to do stuff like this and it had my head spinning.  In New Kajabi I find it so much easier to build powerful automations like the one I just mentioned. 

To handle the first use case, you could open the email campaign containing your webinar email sequence (see the lesson on webinar pipelines for details on building this sequence) and then click “Add Trigger”. 

When the New Automation box pops select “Offer is purchased” under “WHEN”.  Then select the flagship offer you presented at the end of your webinar. 

Then under “THEN” choose “Subscribe to an email sequence” and choose your new sequence.  Next, you can add an action to unsubscribe them from an email sequence and just pick the current email sequence to take them off. 

In the second use case, you could create a special email sequence named “Downsell sequence” and click “Add Trigger”.  Then in the “WHEN” section you could put “Email sequence is completed” and choose your webinar pipeline sequence that drives people into your webinar funnel.   

Under “THEN” you can make sure “Subscribe to an email sequence” is selected and pick your Downsell Sequence and you’re done. 

It’s as easy as that. 

Again if you would like me to hold your hand and walk you through the process I can either do it for you (or teach you how to do it) in a private one-on-one session.  It's completely free and I would be thrilled to help you.  It only takes a few minutes to setup.  

If you're interested, sign-up on my email list and shoot me an email saying you want automation help!

Advanced Automation Tricks 

Refunds are often linked to unengaged customers.  This is also one of the reasons you might not have as many testimonials.  Unengaged customers don’t use your product and if they don’t use your product they don’t get results.  If they don’t get results they don’t give you testimonials. 

So I want to show you a trick where you can automatically re-engage people who have already purchased your product but aren’t getting results because they’re losing motivation as they go through your course. 

After someone completes a lesson you can setup an automation that automatically sends them an email congratulating them on that first step.  The email also encourages them to continue moving through the course.  You can also create a badge or something and include that in the email and then show upcoming badges they can achieve as they complete additional modules. 

Note: you can create the badges super fast in Canva so if you haven’t already done so, jump into the trial and start creating!

The bottom line here is this is a great way to gameify the learning process and increase the results outcome for your customers. 

In your product you would just open a lesson, also known as a post.  Then scroll to the bottom where it says “Automations” and click “Add Automation”. 

Go to where it says, “Post is Completed” and then fill in what action to take. 

Under “THEN” say “Send an email” choose “To the person”, craft up your email inserting your badges and awesome encouragement and you’re good to go.   

You can do this configuration one time for all your lessons or just for your modules and then sit back and forget about it as New Kajabi automatically keeps your customers engaged and consuming your product. 

Pretty cool right? 

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Alternatively you can create an automation so that anyone who hasn’t logged into your course for 90 days gets an email. 

To do that just go to your Kajabi dashboard, type “Automations”, create a new Automation and for the “WHEN” action select: “Person has been inactive for 90 days” 


Quick Action Result 

There are many more automations you can make besides the ones I listed here. 

For your quick action result, take 2 hours this week just playing with Kajabi Automations. 

Also, you should start reading up on the all the cool things you can do with Automations here: 

Sign into the dashboard and create a few to get your creative gears turning! 

In the next lesson, I’m going to show you how you can take your training to the next level!   

Talk soon. 

Oh wait... one more thing that’s pretty neat: you can also setup automations so that every time your flagship product is purchased you automatically get an email that you just made a sale!  Talk about a motivation booster.  

I leave that one as a challenge for you to figure out :)


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