How To Outline Your Digital Course

product Sep 21, 2020


The road ahead is bright!  If you’ve been following these lessons with me, step-by-step, then I just want to say that I’m proud of you and I know you can do this.  Most people don’t make it this far and the fact that you’re here is a testimony of your resolve to make a difference in the world, to change your current situation and get paid well for doing what you love. 

Today, we’re going to talk about creating a course outline.   

This is honestly one of the most painful things to do.  This was when I struggled with procrastination the most.   

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The Joy of the Journal

When I built my first business I knew I would struggle with procrastination and perfectionism but I really wanted to build a blog.  I was on...

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How To Beat Procrastination And Overwhelm

fear product Sep 14, 2020


Alright let's dig in!

So all this talk about starting your own business means nothing if you don’t actually carve out the time to do the work!  What I’m going to do is give you the nuts and bolts tactics for significantly increasing your chances of outlining, building and releasing your online course.  Your online course will become your flagship product and all your email campaigns and marketing efforts will drive traffic toward this end. 

We’re going to start with some brass knuckles strategies for making sure your online course gets completed.  Then in the next three lessons I’ll walk you through the blueprint for outlining, building, recording, uploading and releasing your online course.  I’m taking three lessons to do this because I want to break down the entire process into easily digestible bite-sized chunks.   

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Mind Reading Survey Secrets

product Aug 31, 2020


In the last lesson we talked about The Smart Way To Use Thank You Pages.  We mentioned surveys but didn't fully develop the concepts and strategies. 

Until now!

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Magic Tricks

Recently, I've been really digging into magic tricks.  Particularly card magic tricks. After my son and I played a bunch of card games during our ski trip to Colorado I discovered a persistent curiosity into card tricks. 

My day job is actually in CyberSecurity so I'm an analytical thinker and I'm always trying to figure out how an evil hacker would break things.  I'm also always thinking about how things work in general.

But here's the catch: I didn't know how to play half the games I wanted to teach my son.  So I went to Youtube and starting watching tutorials on playing War, Speed and Go Fish.  This...

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