How To Get Traffic To Your Website

blogging marketing Jul 20, 2020


Yes! So we have your domain name and website built.  We still need to customize your website but at least you have an internet presence. 

You should stand up right now, shoot both arms in the air and shout:  

“Yes! I Did it! I Can Do This!” 

If you did your homework from the last lesson then you should be starting to get comfortable with New Kajabi and the power if offers. 

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Don’t worry if you have questions about details, we still have a lot to cover and my goal is to get you there as we march through our lessons. 

In this lesson we’re going to dig into getting traffic to your website. 

We don’t have content yet (that will come in the form of blog posts which we’ll address in detail in a few lessons) but I still need to...

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