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The Smart Way To Use Thank You Pages

sales surveys Aug 24, 2020


Let’s take a step back to recap our lead generation flow. 

At this point you should have a domain name which points to a website.  And a website with opt-in forms and a blog.  And when someone submits their email address in your opt-in form your technology platform automatically sends them a lead magnet you created in Word, Canva or InDesign.  The subscriber is then added to your email list, and at the same time, immediately redirected to a thank you page. 

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The Lunch Meal For Royalty 

Many years ago my wife and I went to one of the top restaurants in New York City for lunch.  It was a super fancy french restaurant owned by the illustrious chef Éric Ripert.  Since my wife and I are foodies we were ecstatic to go! 

We somehow...

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