How To Handle Your Fears

fear introduction May 25, 2020


The other day I was cruising along the Washington D.C beltway in my Toyota Tacoma while jamming to hip-hop instrumentals produced by J.Dilla.  All my windows were down, music was cranked way up and I was enjoying every minute of freedom from my crazy kids. 

My little man had wifey and I up every hour (on the hour).  It was insane but in this moment… in this precious minute of life… I felt alive for the first time in a long time.

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My truck smoothly crested over a hill and I squinted as the sun broke the clouds and covered my face with golden glory. 

Earlier today my wife asked me to run an errand and I gladly took up her offer.  I embraced this welcome opportunity to abscond from parental prison and I refused to look back. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my kids but damn it, those little happy brats are some real work man!

As I approached the exit ramp, I sensed a faint, sonorous, bass sound.  It was a continuous hum and was getting louder and deeper as I accelerated to merge past a slow Kia SUV in the right lane.

As I was changing lanes, I lifted my eyes and couldn’t believe what I was looking at.

Even if you’re not a car guy like I am, I'm sure you would have appreciated the beauty of this modern marvel of engineering.

About a bus length in front of me was a band new blood red Porsche 911 Turbo S.

The car was Wide. 




But also…


I could hardly believe what I was seeing: here I had this $200,000 sports car with a top track speed of 198 MPH, slugging along in front of me, crawling 10MPH under the speed limit!

What was going on here?

Why was this guy driving so slow?  Was his gas pedal broken or something? Was he afraid of getting tickets for driving the speed limit? Was he afraid of speed? 

As I merged off the main highway and reflected on what just happened I realized something profound.

The guy in Porsche wasn’t going fast because he didn’t need to drive fast. His car had nothing to prove because everything he could prove was already proven.  The brand Porsche said it all.

I share this story because I think you are a lot like the Porsche in this story… let me explain why.

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How To Handle Your Fears

God has given every person on this planet a set of unique gifts.  There is untapped potential living inside of each of us that is just waiting to be released.

I’m convinced that every person on earth has super powers but almost no one knows how to tap into these powers... powers that if harnessed could be unleashed to deliver massive value to the world.

People get distracted by various worldly amusements, negativity from family, friends, spouses, paralyzing self-talk and they never truly reach their fullest potential.  I want to change that.

Hey! My name is Vonnie Hudson and over the next 29 weeks I’m going to take you on a journey directly into the heart of your fears so you can learn how to turn your butterflies into motivation and ultimately a digital product you'll sell to deliver maximum value to the world.

We’re going to identify what’s holding you back from building a sustainable online business, how to get your mind in the right place for success and how to approach the nuts and bolts tactics for actually building your business, step-by-step.

Learning Is About Input But...

If you’re like most people then you are probably stuck in learning land.  But let me share something very simple yet profound:

“Learning is about input, earning is about output”

You see learning is all about you.  Learning is all about your enjoyment.  Learning is about figuring out how to validate your market, how to write email copy that converts, how to setup your website, build a domain name, record your products and market them and so on.

But earning? Earning is all about output.  It’s about how much you share.  It’s about how much you give.  It’s about how many lives you affect.

Earning is about making a difference in the world, one baby step at a time.

Do you see the difference?

Your Output Goal

The purpose of this guide is to help you make a difference in as many lives as possible while getting rewarded in the shortest time possible. 

Think of this guide as your one-stop-how-to-resource for the beginning entrepreneur who is sick and tired of all the marketing hype and fluffy business theories and just wants the meat-and-potatoes blueprints for building a successful online business.

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If you follow everything I’m about to share, then over the next 29 weeks (roughly 7 months) you should have a fully functioning online business earning you a real income.  Notice I said 7 MONTHS and not weeks.  Building an online business takes hard work and deliberation but your reward for spending this time with me is you'll have a real business asset that can continually generate a persistent income for you and and your family.

Our output goal right now will be modest.

We’re going to shoot for an extra $500 per month for you.  Does this sound attainable?

Try to imagine what an extra $500 per month would mean to you.  Maybe this means more debt paid down so you can start saving for a house.  Or maybe you live in Moscow and an extra $500 is almost half your salary.  Maybe it means going on that dream vacation you’ve always wanted. 

The point is we’re starting small. 

We’re starting with the small goal of earning $500 per month so you can see yourself actually making this amount.  My goal is to have you earning a consistent $500 per month within 29 weeks.  This will make your output goal more actionable and realistic because it will become more achievable.

Incidentally, if you're feeling super motivated and want to try to build your business quicker, you can purchase all these blog posts in one convenient package for $14.97.  This isn't a requirement though as you can get everything for free in this online guide.

Now if $500 per month seems too small to you, don’t fret.  This is just our starting point. 

The real truth is you really only need 500 people spending $200 per year with you to earn an extra $100k per year.  Yes, you only need 500 to earn $100k and this is very doable.

In fact, if you implement my strategies from the beginning to end, exactly as I lay them out, you can achieve this high mark, but I don’t want to set the bar quite so high to start because it’s so easy to get discouraged and give up.  Let's take a few baby steps first and then ramp up after we've established ourselves.  

Sound good?

The Importance of Hard Work

So let me set some expectations from the beginning.

This guide isn’t a business opportunity for the desperate or a "magic button" system to make you rich.  On the contrary, this is a step-by-step scientific method that I, and many successful business hopefuls, have implemented and gotten results.  In fact, I'm sure you've already heard of many the techniques I’ll be sharing.  The difference between this guide and others is that my chief aim is to give you meat and potatoes content so you can get results in the quickest time possible.

That means instead of being 90% motivation and 10% actual tactics, this guide will be 90% tactics and advice but only 10% motivation.

You might want to read that again because it will be vastly different then almost every other guide you've read.

My goal is to give you a FEAST of information on internet marketing, selecting your email service provider, finding a profitable idea, selecting your niche and earning your first $500 online.  My aim is to give you meaty marketing tactics and tons of actionable advice RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING without making you wait through hours of motivational, fluffy concepts and stories.

My hope is that this guide will become a real step-by-step blueprint for marketing your business online. And my goal is to make sure you take action.

What I’ve found is that when crushing doubt is on your shoulders the best thing you can do is to take action.  Take that first step or move toward your goal just a little bit because it’s only by doing what you know you should be doing that you’re ever going to feel like you’re doing the right thing. 

My goal is just to get you moving the right direction.

Along the way, you’ll get a few of my personal stories but what you’ll quickly learn is that the method I teach is a slow and steady process. 

Building an online business is a slow and steady process where a few hundred bucks earned over the first month will be a celebrated success

The problem I’ve discovered is that most people get enticed by the “How I made $200k per year with my health bar business" but then realize the author conveniently left out that they already had half a million Instagram followers so it looked like magic.

What You’re Going To Build

As a result of spending the next 29 weeks with me I wanted to get you excited about what you’ll build and accomplish:

  1. You’ll learn how to handle your fears and get your mental game in the right place
  2. You’ll discover your ONE great idea worth implementing: not TEN but ONE. And it won’t just be theory because you’ll have a PROVEN idea that you’ll know will be successful BEFORE you start building your digital product.
  3. You will truly know your target market inside and out and use their feedback to craft your product. Say goodbye to guessing.  You’ll not only know who your audience is but you’ll deeply understand what they are thinking, what keeps them up at night and what their greatest fears are.  I’ll show you hidden secrets to getting inside the minds of your prospects.  I don’t know why this one thing is so elusive.  I searched online and no one is really talking about how to do this.  After going through this training, you will have the STEP-BY-STEP process for getting inside your future buyers heads.
  4. During the course of this training, you’ll have the technology puzzle figured out. You’ll know how to buy your domain name, how to build a blog, how to build an online product, which email service provider to use, how to link your blog to your online course and how to take payments online.  The best part, is it’s so much easier (and cheaper) than you think.
  5. You’ll begin building your email list with a modest goal of 100 subscribers. You’ll learn how to survey your audience (and why this matters) and how to drive high-quality leads to your website using paid and organic traffic secrets.
  6. Near the end of our 29 weeks together you’ll learn how to outline your digital product, and how to crush your fears of being on camera and in the spotlight. We’ll also talk about recording, uploading and designing your course.
  7. We’ll wrap things up with a scientific approach to marketing your digital product. I’ll show you how to “move the free line” all the way to the left, how to craft winning copy, how to use Facebook ads to spark your business and how to expertly leverage tiered pricing, bonuses, upsells and webinars to truly make your business a success!

How You Will Build It

One more thing: we're going to use New Kajabi to build your entire business system.  

Over the last 7 years, I've used Teachable, InfusionSoft (Keap), Active Campaign, Lead Pages, MailChimp, AWeber and even Ontraport to build my online business.  And although each of these options have their owns strengths and drawbacks I eventually settled on New Kajabi because... well really because of one reason: I believe their customer support team is amazing.  

Anyone of these tech systems can help you build an online business but the customer support team at New Kajabi was so generous (often giving me features in pricier tiers for free) and understanding (patiently dealing with my stupid questions and tech mistakes).  This is why I've decided to go with them and why I am a Kajabi Partner.

A credit card is required on the free trial to prevent interruption of service and you can always cancel anytime.  

One more thing, you are free to use one of the other options I mentioned above, or even to try to follow along without New Kajabi; however, you won't be able to actually implement anything we cover without jumping into your trial.

Just want to be upfront with ya! 

You ready!?

Now It's Your Turn

At the end of each post I’ll share a quick tip, that if you follow, will yield an immediate result thus getting you slightly closer to your ultimate goal of making a difference in the world while getting paid to do what you love.

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Here’s what I need you to do today:

  1. Take a moment to leave a comment below.  Just say hi, tell everyone where you are from and why you’re here.  Give everyone a feel for what you’re hoping to accomplish as a result of going through this journey!  No wrong answers as we're all going through it together.
  2. This course isn't about just getting you more information it's about getting you results so sign up for your free New Kajabi trial so you can be ready to build your online business.  The entire training will be based off New Kajabi so you'll need access to follow along.  At the end of this training, you'll have a tangible business asset in your hands which you can use to consistently generate a side stream of income for many years to come.

That’s all for now, in the meantime, I’ll see you next week where we’ll dig into getting your mental game right.



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