The Smart Way To Use Thank You Pages

sales surveys Aug 24, 2020


Let’s take a step back to recap our lead generation flow. 

At this point you should have a domain name which points to a website.  And a website with opt-in forms and a blog.  And when someone submits their email address in your opt-in form your technology platform automatically sends them a lead magnet you created in Word, Canva or InDesign.  The subscriber is then added to your email list, and at the same time, immediately redirected to a thank you page. 

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The Lunch Meal For Royalty 

Many years ago my wife and I went to one of the top restaurants in New York City for lunch.  It was a super fancy french restaurant owned by the illustrious chef Éric Ripert.  Since my wife and I are foodies we were ecstatic to go! 

We somehow managed to grab a reservation during “Restaurant Week” which is when all the top quality restaurants in NYC are “affordable” for mere plebeians like ourselves.   

So we arrive by cab and when we step into the restaurant, the first thing we noticed was the place was pristine.  There was not a speck of dust to be found. 

The second thing we noticed was everyone was dressed in the same nondescript black clothing. 

A small team of servers guided us through our eating experience every step of the way.  From our initial encounter with the hostess to the waiters stepping aside for our entry in what looked like a choreographed dance...  the entire lunch hour was an eating transformation. 

Each of our chairs were carefully pulled out and in moments the first course was brought out in impeccable beauty.  Everything was explained and thoughtfully plated.  It was truly a life changing experience.

And the nice thing is there was never a point in our dining adventure when we didn’t know what we were eating, why we were eating it or what was coming next.  At the same time, the entire time we dined we never felt hurried as we were given the space to enjoy each meal.  But like magic, each server seemed to know the precise moment when we needed something (without us asking). 

For example, my wife needed a new napkin and before the words were on her lips the server promptly presented a fresh cleaning cloth before us.

Can you imagine that!?

The reason I bring this is up is because this is how I want you to treat your Leads. 

Treat your Leads like royalty and walk them through every “course” of your lead generating funnel “meal”.   

Never assume your visitors know what to do next. 

Just because you know where you want them to go next doesn’t mean they know where to go next.  

So err on the side of being too descriptive.  It doesn’t hurt to over communicate. 

Let’s dig into this process in more detail. 

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Get To Know Your Leads 

And now we approach the crucial part of your customer acquisition process. 

After your prospect gets your Lead Magnet you need to hold their hand and walk them through every step of the nurture process

We want to create something known as a “Thank You Page”.  This is super important because you will acknowledge your Lead’s decision to trust you with their email address and you direct them forward as to what to expect next.

A lot of new entrepreneurs skip this step because it doesn't feel like it pays off.  Trust me it does! I'm not just typing this blog post because I like typing!

Show Your Face 

At this point you want to make your website and brand memorable to your new Lead. I've discovered the best way to do this is to present a nice big smiling photo of yourself. 

It doesn’t have to be professional quality (and in some cases it works better if it isn’t).  You don’t want to come across as too polished and perfect.  Let your insecurities and imperfections leak in your photos and videos.  This is how people form connections and it will go a long way to helping you cement lasting relationships with your people. 

For my photo I literally just took a selfie with my iPhone in Portrait mode.  Even though I'm a perfectionist, I turned that part of me off for vonimus.

I've discovered my perfectionism often leads to procrastination which leads to failing to complete my vision.. 

I didn't do any Photoshop touch-ups or image editing. I just took a bunch of snaps in burst mode and picked the best one from a list of 20.   

Show The Email Flow 

This is where you can show screenshots of where they should go to collect the freebie you just sent them. 

If you investigate my thank you page at you’ll notice I have screenshots for the two biggest email providers: Gmail and Microsoft and I try to show people how to fetch my email out of spam and junk. 

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Give a Quiz 

After you do this you need to provide some way for a percentage of thank you page visitors to go deeper with you. 

You want to open the relationship by asking your Leads to complete a quick survey.  The key here, is that you don’t use the word survey


Because people don’t like surveys.  

So I like to ask people to share information or to take a quiz because these phrases tend to lower resistance and make people more amenable to complying with your request. 

To set up the survey, I like to use Google Forms because it’s super easy to setup. 

Here’s a look at my form: 

Don't worry, we’re going to go into deep analysis of crafting your survey questions and analyzing the results next week so I’m not going to dig into that just yet!  

Present A Low Fiction Offer 

So what else can you do on the Thank You page? Some people will include a video sales letter, also known as a VSL, that sells a low cost offer.  For example a $9.97 ebook. 

Although this works in some niches, I prefer to stay away from this technique even though I understand the logic behind it.

The thinking is that your Lead has already expressed an interest in something you've offered them for free.  So why not capitalize on this “yes” momentum and present a low cost digital item for purchase so you can build buying momentum and eventually ascend them up your value ladder to your high priced back-end courses (i.e., your online courses, your coaching program, your consulting service). 

This does work but it takes a lot of trial and error to get it just right.  If you do prefer to go this route I suggest using a very low cost price for something that is logically congruent and the next logical progression for what you already gave away for free. 

In other words, this isn’t the time to pitch your $97.97 online mini-course.  But it may be the perfect time to pitch a low cost $14.97 enhancement to the Lead Magnet you just gave them for free.  So if your Lead Magnet was a free eBook, the VSL could pitch a hard copy version of the eBook (Amazon makes it easy to publish physical paper books) or the audio version.

Here’s how this breaks down: let’s say your Lead Magnet was a 1 page, PDF checklist that teaches prospects how to record Youtube videos to build their brand.  You had great action items inside the Lead Magnet that, if your prospect followed it through, they would almost certainly receive an immediate result. 

So, on your Thank You page, you can thank them for giving you their email address.  In your Video Sales Letter, you would amp up all the benefits the checklist will bring to their lives and their brand. 

>> Click here to get a FREE instant download of the PDF version of this post... I'll throw in my audio narration as a free bonus.

Then you can subtly switch gears and pitch a small $2.97 enhancement that includes the audio narration of the PDF.  The entire purpose of this would just be to gently nudge them into your buying universe.  Because once they've brought from you once it will be a lot easier for them to buy from you again!

Now It’s Your Turn 

Okay so hopefully at this point you see the value of creating a Thank You page.  It can literally be the difference between a Lead opening that first email or abandoning the entire process before it even gets started. 

And the best part is it only takes a few minutes to build this out.

In New Kajabi you can easily create this process where a user is automatically sent an email after opting in and simultaneously redirected to a thank you page where you present a survey or VSL.  The whole thing can be knocked out in what New Kajabi calls Pipelines. 

You can check this out by clicking Marketing in the left pane and choosing Pipelines 

This page might look different by the time you get there as New Kajabi is constantly updating and improving the web app, but you should see something similar to what I have shown above. 

In the Pipeline screen click “Freebie” and watch the quick video intro that explains what this does.  It basically setups up four things for you: 

  1. Your Opt-in Form 
  2. Your Lead Magnet Delivery 
  3. Your Welcome Email (after they opt-in) 
  4. Your Thank You Page (automatically redirects Leads here after they opt-in) 

The nice thing about Pipelines is it creates all these pages and processes with a single click.  Then all you need to do is go back and “fill-in-the-blanks" to replace the canned content with your personal content! 

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Quick Action Result 

Alright, so that’s all we have for today.  In the next post we’re going to dive into the science of survey and the questions to ask your Leads on the thank you page (and in upcoming email sequences). 

You're going to learn about the exact questions you should ask to get the most honest, actionable results and then how to monetize everything in a way that maximizes the value you deliver to your audience and creates the biggest impact with your market.


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