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facebook marketing Nov 16, 2020


Alright so now I want to talk about the smartest (and newest) tactics for getting people to show up live for your webinar.

If you've been following this training step-by-step, you know we’ve covered the following topics over the last five lessons: 

At this point you should have a strong understanding of what your market wants, how to price, position and upsell your product and how to sell your audience using a proven formula for the perfect slide deck.  You also have the exact sequence you need to pass people through your webinar registration page, to your thank you page and into your email sequences. 

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Today we’re going to dig into a modern approach for using Facebook Ads to fill up your webinars.  

The best way to get people on your webinar is to email your list but if you have an unresponsive list or you don’t have a list yet, driving traffic to your webinar registration page using Facebook and Instagram Video ads is a smart approach. 

Let’s talk about the details here: 

A New Facebook Ad Philosophy 

In order to use Facebook Ad’s to drive cold traffic to your webinar landing page, you need to re-think your entire idea of Facebook and Ads.  By the way, by “cold traffic” I mean people who don’t know you but are in your target market.   

Remember our goal: we want as many people as possible, who are in our target niche, to register for our webinar and show up live so we can pitch your flagship product.  

We don’t want the whole world to show up.  We just want people who are likely to express an interest in the digital product we will be selling on our webinar backend.

So when we start to think about building your Facebook ad creative you need to take a step back from the concept of “GETTING FROM PEOPLE” and step into the idea of “GIVING TO PEOPLE”.... for free. 

We need to get you thinking in terms of how much value you can give away for free because this is the best way to build trust and drive high quality leads into your webinar funnel.  

So here’s where we start in 4 easy steps: 

  1. Cook up a Delicious Outline
  2. Convert Your Live Videos Into Video Ads
  3. Convert Your Ads into Smaller Video Nugget Ads
  4. Retarget With Short Ads Asking For Signups

Don't worry if you're a Facebook Ad virgin.  I don't care if you've never even seen the Facebook Ad Editor.  You can do this even as a complete newbie.  Let me lead you.

Let's go!

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1: Cook Up A Delicious Outline 

Think value.

How can you give value instead of just asking for clicks and signups?

Here's what you need to do: create an outline for the next 8 weeks where you can offer free content that produces specific results for your people.  You want to plan to record eight, short, live, videos to drip over the next 8 weeks to your target audience. 

You should start your webinar funnel by running weekly Facebook Live videos where you teach free, high-quality, results-focused, content that is related to your flagship product.

Wait... wait... but what is Facebook Live you ask?  A Facebook live video is 5 to 20 minute instant video stream you produce from your smartphone or webcam directly to your Facebook fans.  Think about it like Periscope or Youtube Live videos.  It's just a live video stream that your fans can consume.

So let me show you a few examples of how this might work:

If your flagship product is related to helping stock brokers pass the Series 7 exam then on your Facebook Live videos you should be giving away content that actually helps them pass the exam.   

Or if your niche is helping men escape their pornography addictions then your free Facebook Live videos should offer content that really liberates men from that marriage (and family) killer.  

So far so good?

Okay, let's keep going.

2: Convert Your Live Videos Into Video Ads 

Twenty-four hours after you complete your Facebook Live video session, you need to grab the recording and add captions, headers and copy so you can convert it into an ad.

So what's going to happen is your Facebook Live video is going to become your Facebook Ad that you’ll promote to a cold target audience who has never heard of you (or your brand).

The nice thing about promoting your video as an ad is it is a great way to get quality leads because, if it’s a good video, it will already have tons of likes, comments and shares which is visible to everyone who comes across your video.  This means your ad will have tons of social proof coming right out of the gate which will encourage even more engagement and will warm up your cold audience!   

Build trust, focus on the relationship and THEN ask for the email.  It’s a winner every time man! 

3: Convert Your Video Ads into Smaller Video Nugget Ads 

Now we are almost done. We need to edit your Facebook video into smaller slices so people with short attention spans can get results from a high percentage of your content.  Remember, if they get results for free they will trust you more and then you’ll have less friction when you request their email addresses for your webinar.   

So what you’re doing is taking those 8 Facebook Live video files and extracting the juiciest content from them by cutting the video up into quick chunks no longer than 2 minutes long.  Then you’re turning those individual chunks into new Facebook Video ads that can be more easily digested by the same target audience who received your uncut Facebook videos. 

4: Retarget With Short Ads Asking for Signups 

In this last step, you’ll create a series of video ads that are 60 seconds or less. And you’ll use Facebook’s retargeting features to retarget the ad to anyone who has watched your video. 

Let's say your video nugget ad in the previous step was 1 to 2 minutes in length.  This means you’ll only retarget people who have watched 25% (or 15 to 30 seconds) of the video.  It wouldn’t make sense to retarget 25% of the 20 minute Facebook Video ad you created in step 2 because that means someone would have to watch a full 5 minutes of the video before they would get retargeted.  That’s a long time to hold someone’s attention on Facebook!   

On the flip side, this means if you do decide to re-target viewers who watched your 20 minute Facebook Live video you transformed into an ad in step 2, you would only retarget those who watched the first 10 seconds (not 25% or 5 minutes).  I hope that makes sense. 

In these retargeted ads, you are asking everyone who has seen your free Facebook Live videos and ad nuggets to join your webinar. 

This is why it's called retargetting.  You are targeting a specific segment of ad viewers with another, more focused ad. 

The purpose of these ultra-short videos is to provide a clear call to action to get people into your webinar.  You’ll announce the link (your webinar landing page) so people can click through your ad, land on your Webinar Registration page and get signed up. 

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And you’ll be testing all your videos.  So, in your Facebook analytics page, you’ll be watching the video ads that have the highest conversion rates and total revenue numbers and the ads that continually outperform the others.  Then you can simply replace your lowest performers with the winners and continue to optimize as you go. This is the sure way to make sure only your best ads are running and the losers get phased out. 

Facebook Live Video Tactics 

Alright so how do you record these videos?  And how long should they be?  What should you say in them?  What if you look like crap on camera?  What if you’re afraid to get on camera?  How much editing time will this take?  How.... ahh!!! 

Do you see how you can easily talk yourself out of this!  Don’t do it.   

Take a deep breath with me right now and say, “Vonnie, I’m scared, but I can do this.” 

I’m going to address all your objections and fears in this lesson because trust me I’ve had the same fears! 

Facebook Video Length 

So how long should your videos be?  Your Facebook Live videos should be no less than 5 minutes but no longer than 20 minutes.  This is what we talked about in Step 2.  In Step 3 we talked about ad nuggets.  The Facebook Live video ad nuggets should be between 1 and 2 minutes.  Lastly, as mentioned in Step 3 above, your Facebook Video call to action videos should be 60 seconds or less. 

Facebook Video Format 

You want these videos to be very low production.  You aren’t going for super professional grade videos because you’re focusing on getting a result more than looking polished and the Facebook culture seems to gravitate toward raw, authentic, unpolished videos anway.  This means you should record these videos using just your iPhone while talking into the camera like you were taking a selfie.  

Record in 1080p 60fps (60 is better than 30fps because it’s smoother).  Also don’t record in landscape or portrait mode.  You want to record in square format using the Apple Clips app.  It will record in square by default.  If you don’t have that app, you can just record normally with whatever you have just make sure you crop to a square format later. 

Facebook Video Script 

For your Facebook Live videos just focus on delivering high quality content.  Don’t worry about a script, instead obsess about getting your audience results. 

The one exception, is he the shorter 45 to 60 second call-to-action video in Step 4 needs to be scripted because you don’t have a lot of time to say everything and keep their attention. 

Remember, by the time they get to step 4, the people watching have already seen your Facebook Live videos and your Facebook Live video nuggets and so they already like and trust you.  So with that in mind here's what you need to do for these videos: 

  1. Open with a Pain Point Question: You want to begin your 60 second ad with a question that hits your audience's pain point head on.  Whatever they are struggling with, just open with a question.  For example, if your product is about exercises people can do to alleviate back pain you could open with “Struggling with chronic back pain?”  Or if your flagship product on the backend of your webinar is about helping authors self-publish and market their own books you could say, “Having a hard time marketing your self-published book?”  One more thing I’ll add here is that it really pays to use the EXACT LANGUAGE your target market uses to describe their pain point.  So how do you know what to say?  All that comes out of the “Finding Your Great Idea” lesson so make sure you go back and reread that lesson if you forgot how to do that magic. 
  2. Begin Building Credibility: Make a statement why you are someone worth listening to.  To build credibility cite the testimonials you gathered from your Beta Release tests.  Again go back to that lesson if you forgot how to do those. The point is you can cite the results you’ve already gotten for people as support for why you are someone worth listening to.  It also helps if you can add a specific time frame and specific numbers in your credibility statement. So if your flagship product is about helping starving artists build their own art businesses online you could say something like “I led 4 new art entrepreneurs to earning over four figures a month in an average of 43 days”.   
  3. Pitch the Webinar: Tell them what they will learn and the three benefits it will bring them.  Your three benefits will correspond to the three secrets we discussed in the “Winning Webinar” lesson so go back and check that out if you need to brush up on that process.  You could start this off by saying you’re hosting a free masterclass about how to [get X, the desired result] in less than [specific time period, preferably an odd number] without [Y, the undesired result or objection].”   Then list off the 3 benefits 
  4. Call to Action: Finally, you go into your call to action where you direct people to click the link below and sign up for your masterclass.  

Note: don’t call your webinar a webinar because that term is old.  A masterclass or online training has a higher perceived value than just a webinar.   

Another tip for recording this video is to make sure you’re walking while you record it. It’s been shown that having movement in the video typically outperforms videos without movement on Facebook.  Obviously, every niche is different and you’ll need to do your own testing but adding walking movement creates a greater interest and usually increases click through rates.   In a feed full of static ads this movement element will help your ad to stick out amid the noise. 

As you get better with the process you can create 3 or 4 versions of your 45 to 60 second call to action video ads and then run split-tests to see what the winners and losers are.  Then you can ditch the losers and focus on the winners. 

Now let’s talk about what happens next... 

Authority Building Ads 

As soon as someone registers for the webinar you need to start showing authority building ads that lead to podcast interviews you’ve done, blogs you’ve been featured on, tweets you were mentioned in, Youtube videos you were in... anything that boosts your credibility.  And the game changer here is to make sure these featured places are 100% related to your audience’s interests. 

If your audience is interested in helping independent video game programmer's sell their games online then you would strategically start searching for video game podcasters who could feature you on the show BEFORE you run your Facebook Video Ad campaign.  You would start looking for Youtube personalities who could interview you.  You would start looking for blogs and websites you could reach out to for a guest post.  You see what I’m saying? 

And you know what will happen? 

This secret strategy has the amazing result that after someone clicks to register with your webinar you are suddenly everywhere in their Facebook and Instagram feed.  And you’ll be seen next to all the trusted figures in the niche your audience cares about.   You’re being shown to be an authority by other people your audience already trusts.


So this is really important: before you setup your ad campaign try to get featured in podcasts, try to get on other people’s blogs, try to collaborate with other people in your space so you can create post-webinar-sign-up ads that link back to those resources.  This is super effective because it cements your authority in your registrant’s minds. 

This is a very powerful tactic that almost no one is doing... and it's kind of a secret so don't tell too many people hehe.

These authority building ads begin at webinar registration and expire 3 days AFTER your actually webinar ends. 

Pro Tip: Reminder Ads 

When your webinar is 24 hours out, create a short video ad that just reminds people that today is the day they need to hop on!  Just say something simple to boost attendance rates, “Don’t forget to join the webinar today!  It’s only 6 hours away and it’s going to be awesome.  Click the link below to jump in.  I’ll see you soon!” 

Then AFTER they watch the webinar you can send a reminder ad that says, “Hey guys the cart is open!  You have only 36 hours to order before we close the doors and start training.  Remember you’re getting benefit X, benefit Y and benefit Z and you have a 30 day money back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose.” 

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By the way, you want to list benefits because this answers the question your audience cares about, “what’s in it for me”.  Don’t list features like “25 hours of video, 4 modules, blah blah”.  List benefits because benefits are results focused.   

You can also mention any early bird bonuses as separate ads too. 

Quick Action Result 

So here's the big reason you should care about implementing the tips I shared in this post: if you pull it off right, you should get a 2% or 3% sales conversion on webinar registrations.

3% seems like crap right? It isn't.

Think about it like this: A 3% conversion means if you had 1000 people register for your webinar you should expect around 30 people buy your product.  If your flagship product is priced at $397 you just earned over $10,000 minus your ad spend. 

Not bad. 

So I know there is a lot to digest in this lesson and I really don't want you to get overwhelmed and then just procrastinate and get depressed.

So my desire is for you to devote this week to learning about Facebook Live: 


Then spend the next week outlining your 8 video series and thinking about how you can chop it up into micro-segments which you can turn into ads. 

The week following you can outline your 60 second call to action ad and get everything ready to go! 

It's a three week task but one you only need to do once.  Yes, building your online business is hard work (if it were easy everyone would be doing it!) but if you follow my formulas and advice you should be in a great position to succeed.

As always, if you have any questions just hit the comments below or join my email list so you can reach out to me directly. 

See you guys next week where we will be talking about Product Launches!


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