Webinar Pipelines

marketing webinars Nov 09, 2020


Yes! Webinar Pipelines! 

Next week you’re going to learn newest Facebook Ad strategies for 2020 and 2021 that can drive traffic to your webinar so you can sell the flagship product you created in New Kajabi.  It's going to be awesome but before we get there we need to talk about your webinar pipeline.  

Here's what you're going to learn today:

  • How to build your webinar on-boarding sequence emails 
  • How to build your webinar Registration page 
  • How to build your webinar Thank You page 

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This sequence is critical.  The purpose of our Facebook ads will be to drive traffic to a webinar registration page so that when people sign-up they will get redirected to a Thank You page that gets them hyped for the webinar. 

Your technology system will also simultaneously auto-subscribe them to a webinar on-boarding email sequence that will keep them pumped up before before you go live with the webinar. 

I want you to see how all these pieces fit together so you can see how to connect the dots. 

As always, we’re going to be use New Kajabi to create our webinar pipeline and connect everything with Facebook.   If you haven't already signed-up for your free trial, you'll need to do that first before you can follow along.

I know there's a lot of moving parts but it’s actually a lot easier than you think!  And if you just follow my lead step by step you’ll thank me later :) 

I Almost Crapped My Pants

So the first time I ever did my webinar I thought I was going to crap my pants.

I followed everything I'm about to share with you in this webinar (yes I eat my own dog food) and everything was going well.  People showed up live, I counted down and built my slide-deck exactly to spec.  It was awesome, but for some reason I was still in a state of panic!

I had my notes in front of me so I knew EXACTLY what to say but I was freaking out because REAL people were actually on MY webinar.  I felt like a naked guy on a stage in front of hundreds.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I want you to know that your first webinar experience will probably be similar to mine.  It's going be nerve wracking.  And on your first webinar, you're probably going to fail.

I said it.

I know that's pessimistic but it's just reality.  Even after going through all this training you're going to mess up.  I said "um" a thousand times, "I had people interrupt me in my house while I was going through the stack (the most important part of the presentation), and I skipped a few slides and didn't do everything right.b

But you know what?  After I did that webinar I've never had one like it again.  I'm way more comfortable and less afraid.  My point is the more you do this the better you'll become so don't give up after you first webinar.

Promise me... okay?

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On-boarding Emails And Workbook 

So here's the first thing you need to do after creating your webinar slide deck: you need to get as many people as possible to show up LIVE.  This should be your number one priority. 

The first thing you need to do is to sit down and draft up the emails your technology platform will auto-send each new webinar registrant.   These are the emails New Kajabi is going to send all registrants.  We will be creating 6 emails along with a PDF workbook that you’ll give away on your thank you page.  The purpose of the workbook will be to amplify registrant engagement on the webinar so you can keep your attendees on all the way until the end... when you start selling! 

So how much time is it going to take to put this together? I would apportion 5 hours for this email creation and workbook process because you really don’t want to mess this up.  That may sound like a lot of hard work, 5 hours is a long time... but think about it like this: once you get it right, you’ve got it right and you’ll never need to build it again. 

Again, this is going to feel like a lot of work now but trust me it will pay later.

So let's get our hands dirty with some specific tactics that have been proven to work in the past 

What Day Should You Schedule Your Webinar On?

Usually the best day to hold a webinar is on a Thursday or Wednesday around noon or 1 PM Eastern time. 

This will obviously take some experimentation but in general these days and hours are best. 

Another thing to keep in mind is you usually don’t want to have more than 3 to 4 days between the registration and the live webinar otherwise people will forget why they signed up and the excitement will die down. 

Creating The Webinar On-Boarding Emails

So what should you say in your emails after someone registers?

Just remember to keep these emails casual and conversational.  You can also keep your emails readable if you limit the length of each line to between 55 to 60 characters.

The goal of sending these six on-boarding emails is to get your webinar registrants to show up LIVE.  It’s been statistically demonstrated that when webinar registrants show up live it improves the chances they will buy from you. 

One of the ways to do this is to treat your webinar like an event.  You need to drive anticipation, curiosity and interest by using compelling subject lines and intriguing copy. 

I like to drive anticipation by including the live webinar date in each email with a link to the webinar landing page. Then in  each of my emails I basically count down the days, hours and minutes before going live.  This is an excellent tactic keep people giddy with excitement before the webinar starts. 

New Kajabi also lets you set up pre-programmed countdown timers on your webinar landing page.  This means when the timer hits 0, the page will automatically redirect to your live webinar.  Pretty neat eh?

Another way to get people on live is to be vulnerable, honest, authentic and real in your emails.  Don’t try to act like a big shot or a big corporation or some Mr. Know it all guru dude.  The point is be someone your audience can relate to so they can begin trusting you before they jump on live. 

So here's how the email sequence breaks down:

  1. Your first email will be a congratulation email.  This email automatically goes out immediately after registration.  In this email, you are basically affirming your webinar registrant’s decision to get in your webinar.  You'll also remind the person who signed up that he needs to show up live because people who show up live have been shown to get the most results.  Finally, you'll close your email with a reminder of the date and time of the webinar along with a link they can use to jump on live once the webinar starts.   
  2. Email number 2 will go out the next day.  This is where you let people know a little bit about your backstory as it relates to the upcoming webinar.  You can also share a little bit about the results you’ve gotten using the content you’re going to share on the webinar.  In this email you really want to let your personality leak through.  Feel free to be frank, funny and even offensive.  Don’t hold back.  Just be yourself and don’t worry if your email is going to get trashed or ignored by some people (because it will!).  That's okay because you don't want those people on your webinar anyway.  The last thing you should include in this email is a link to the live webinar page again.  We want to keep linking them so we can condition your list for the click.  You want them to expect at least one link per email so when you eventually pitch your offer they'll be accustomed to clicking.  Condition for the click. 
  3. You typically would send your third email out the morning of the event around 9 AM Eastern.  In this email you’re going to get them charged up about the webinar which is about to kick off in just a few hours.  You can also provide another link to the workbook and the link to the actual webinar.  
  4. An hour before going live you’ll want to send out another email making sure people have everything they need to get the most out of your webinar.  Remind them to make sure they show up alone without distractions.  Remind them to have their workbook printed out and get them pumped about getting sucked into an awesome vortex of life changing content.  I've also discovered it's helpful to briefly go over the major points you’ll be covering (or the main issue you’ll be addressing) and then encourage everyone to show up 15 minutes early so they don’t get locked out during the rush.
  5. Your last email can either be sent 10 minutes before going live or right at go time. In this email you’re going to want to say, "we’re on, are you here!?"  Keep this email short and full of excitement.  Just make sure you don’t forget to include the webinar link so they can get on. 

Now, I know this is a lot of email to send but remember how this works: you sit down for a few hours and build these five emails one time and then you just let New Kajabi automated the pipeline for you.

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Creating The Workbook 

Now we need to briefly talk about the workbook. 

The easiest thing will probably be to use Canva to build your PDF workbook.  I actually use Adobe InDesign to build all my PDFs and workbooks but it's more advanced and you really need to know what you're doing there.  So I recommend newbies to start with Canva first.

The workbook should be a fill-in-the blank outline of the three secrets you’ll reveal on the webinar.  This also has the added benefit of peaking curiosity as people will wonder what the secrets mean and what the answers are. 

By the way, if you need a refresher on these "secrets" go back through the Winning Webinar lesson first then come back here.

The graphic below shows a peek into the masterclass workbook I used for SecurityPlusPro.com.  Notice the fill in the blank sections that allowed my audience to follow along.  When you do stuff like this you're webinar attendees will stay wide awake as they try to figure out the "answers" to the worksheet.

You have a lot of flexibility here and don’t overthink it.  Just create a simple 2 page PDF with a nice cover page and the fill in the blank items and you’re good to go. 

The Registration And Thank You Page 

Once you have your email sequences saved and ready to go you can start building out your Registration and Thank You pages.  Before we jump into this, I would like to say that the easiest way to build this out is to use the one-click Webinar Pipeline in New Kajabi.  It makes the entire process super easy because it builds out the entire sequence and all you need to do is fill in the blanks. 

Tip: You can quickly build out all required webinar pages in just a few seconds by logging into New Kajabi, typing "pipeline" in the Kajabi Search Assistant bar at the top of the screen and then choosing "Zoom Webinar OVO".

Let me know if you need help with that and I'll get you going fast.

Webinar Registration Page Copy 

So we have a good idea what to put in the emails and the workbook.  Now let's talk about a formula for the language you can use on your webinar registration page.

The copy on your webinar registration page should clearly state the problem you’re going to solve. 

Use this formula: 

HOW TO [get or do something that gives desirable results] IN LESS THAN [some time period that isn’t a number divisible by 10] WITHOUT [some undesirable result or common objection to getting the desirable result]  

I know that looks a little crazy so let me explain this a little bit.  

The goal of the headline is to state the problem you’re solving but to also address any objections by showing your audience they can achieve results in a measurable time period.  The reason you don’t want to use a time period divisible by 10 is because science shows people resonate with odd numbered deadlines more than even.   

Let me show you what I mean by providing a few examples:

Check this heading out:

“How to make hip-hop beats, without sacrificing your weekends, in less than 27 days” 

Here’s another example: 

“How to start an online business, without quiting your day job, in less than 13 weeks” 

Or how about this one: 

“How to book your dream vacation, in less than 37 hours, without blowing your budget” 

The common theme in all these headlines is you have a desirable result + a specific amount of time (odd numbers work best) and a common objection. 

Thank You Page 

Alright let's keep moving!

The purpose of the webinar registration Thank You page is very simple: increase the likelihood that your webinar registrants will actually show up LIVE to your webinar.

Please note that this Thank You page is very different than the opt-in thank you page we covered in The Smart Way to Use Thank You Pages.

So remember we want people to show live because people who show up live are more likely to purchase than those who catch the replay. 

So how are we doing this? 

We’re going to create an awesome Thank You page that does a few things: 

  • Congratulate the webinar registrant for signing up. 
    • Record a 120 second video (3 minutes max) introducing people to the webinar and states the three "next steps" for them below:
    • Tell them to record the time and date in their calendar's right now 
    • Tell them to check their inbox for the workbook and next steps (this comes from the emails we outlined earlier) 
    • Ask them to submit any questions they have in a Google Form you have in a link below. 
  • The Thank You page should have a big reminder of the date and time preferably with a countdown ticker to increase the excitement and buzz leading up to your webinar. 


Here’s two minute script I’ve used for my webinars.  Feel free to adjust it to meet your specific needs.   

Congratulations Video Script

Oh and one more thing, don’t get fancy recording it.  Just use an iPhone or Smartphone.  Don’t invest too much time into this.  You just want people to see your face so they can see they will be interacting with a real person.

Here's the script I use:

Thank you for signing up for this FREE online masterclass that will teach you how to [X] in [time period to get result] without [chief objections to X] 

My name is [your full name], I'm a [your role, are you an author? Teacher? Doctor? Actor?], 

In this 90 minute webinar I'm going to show you a lot of things  

First you're going to learn [lay out secret #1 from your winning webinar slide deck

You're also going to learn [lay out secret #2 from your winning webinar slide deck] 

Then you're going to see step-by-step how you can [lay out secret #3 from your webinar webinar slide deck]  

NOW in order to get the most out of this masterclass I need you to do THREE THINGS because there's a lot of content in this masterclass and frankly I'm expecting all the seats to fill up so it's really important that you pay attention right here. 

#1 -It's really important that you put a reminder in your calendar RIGHT NOW.  

If you can't attend live because you're busy or you have something else going on, I get it but just make sure you email us so you can release your seat for someone else who will attend live and use this information to get results that will [produce the desired outcome in your prospects life] 

#2 CHECK YOUR INBOX: I just sent you an email with a PDF attachment which is a fill-in-the-blank worksheet that you can either print out or just download and have available during the live masterclass so you can take notes and get the most value out of it. 

#3 I need you to scroll down and click the [whatever the name of your ask me a question link is called] link - it's a Google Form - a 3 minute form and the purpose of this is so you can ask any [question type related to your topic, ex: yoga, computer, or author book publishing] question you have so I can attempt to address it during the live masterclass. 

So #1, mark your calendar, #2 check your inbox and download the fill-in-the-blank webinar workbook and #3 make sure you leave a question so I can answer it on the live call 

[smiling, don’t forget to have fun and smile and be natural] Again my name is [state your full name], I'm so glad you signed up, I've got so much in store for you - you're going to love this live masterclass and I'll see you soon 

That’s all you need to do and you’re done. 

>> Click here to get a FREE instant download of the PDF version of this post... I'll throw in my audio narration as a free bonus.

You don't have to follow this script exactly.  In fact, I suggest you adapt it to fit your own personality and tone just make sure you cover the key items I mentioned earlier:

  • Congratulate the webinar registrant for signing up. 
  • Keep the video between 2 and 3 minutes
  • Tell them to mark their calendar, check their inbox and ask any questions
  • Put a big reminder of the date on the Thank You page
  • Make sure you have a countdown ticker to increase the excitement and build buzz leading up to your event.

Quick Action Result 

Your action items for the next two weeks are to: 

Week 1 

  • Build your webinar pipeline in New Kajabi 
  • Fill out your six email sequences in the templates created by the "Zoom OVO Webinar" Kajabi Pipeline 
  • Write the copy for your Webinar Landing Page and Thank You page 

Week 2 

  • Outline, record, edit and upload your 2 minute thank you video to your Thank you page.  Use your iPhone or smartphone to record.  Do not over engineer this. 
  • Log into Zoom and get comfortable with the interface.  You will be using Zoom to host your webinars so you want to take the time to explore the tool.

If you get stuck anywhere along the way, just join my mailing list so you can interact with me directly over email!  Email works better because I can give you more personalized one-on-one support over email than a comment.

Alright so that's all for this week.  I’ll see you guys next week when we talk about Facebook ads. 


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